A dojikko (ドジっ娘?), in otaku culture terminology, refers to an extremely clumsy female (doji means "blunder" in Japanese). The type is used as a stock character in Japanese light novels, anime, and manga.

The word can also be written as "ドジっ子". Spelled like this, it can refer to male characters as well.

Generally, the girl is pretty and cute or so sweet and innocent that readers are expected to like her. She repeatedly fails in everyday house and school activities, like housework, sport competitions, even simply walking. She frequently falls, runs into things, or trips over the lowest obstacles. Even though she is annoyed at her misfortunes, a dojikko always shows her good side and regrets messing things up. Examples of dojikkos' behaviour include slipping on stairs, knocking over a drink, breaking a dish while serving customers, and other such slapstick.

Although in anime, computer games and other works of the otaku subculture cute clumsiness is one of attributes of moe characters designed for male audiences to fall in love, main protagonists of shōjo manga are also often dojikkos; examples being Hiromi Oka in Aim for the Ace! and Bunny Tsukino in Sailor Moon.

Attraction towards dojikko characters is called "dojikko-moe" (ドジっ娘萌え?).

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